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Tacoma-Pierce County

This was an explainer video I produced for the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber that was featured at their largest lunch meeting of the year. It is a great example of how animation in videos can be used to tell a powerful story in an engaging way to inform customers and stakeholders. It was so well received that it won an award for the best video presented by a west coast chamber.

Pipe Guys

This explainer video is a great example of how a story and humor can make a positive impression on your audience in a short amount of time. By provoking a smile and perhaps a chuckle this Ad-splanation disarms an audience that may already have a negative feeling towards plumbing or construction workers. It does this while explaining who Pipes Guys is as a company and shows that they care not only for the work but for the consumer.

Ultimate Globe Trotter

As someone who enjoys playing the game of Ultimate, this Ad-splanation video was very fun and exciting to create. It challenged my creative skills and forced me to come up with new techniques which I love as a creative who loves to learn and push boundaries. This Ad-splanation also allowed me to explore the realm of "flat design" and give a cutting edge to the style and feel of the video.

Fan Travel

I was able to create this explainer video with animation for Fan Travel to promote their website. Their product helps sports fans make traveling to away games easy and helps them set up travel, dinner, transportation, etc. I really enjoy the pace of this video. The animation is clean and quick and moves the story along. I think most people can relate to the stress of planning a big trip that is illustrated in this video.

The 300

I have had the honor of acting as Creative Director for this great non-profit. If I had one word to describe the Founder's vision it would be "Epic." When first setting out to create this video that explains the mission and calls people to action I knew it had to be epic. Working with a graphic novel artistic style I think we were able to pull it off. I got to use the creative talents of my brother, Michael Van Wyhe, to create the beautiful artwork in this.

Rally Round 4 Ultra Sound

This explainer video shows a different style of video. Instead of animating cartoon illustrations this video uses photographs broken up into layers and animated to give the feeling of 3d. This video explains the event that 4US puts on each year to raise money to buy ultrasound machines for pregnancy crisis centers in the northwest.

Centers for Special Needs Trust

A challenging yet very successful video was this explainer video that was created in a joint effort between Ad-splanation and Jason Ryan Creative. The big challenge for this video was, how to make very dry subject matter into a fun and engaging video. It is amazing how creating a simple story can convey dry information in a way that sticks in the minds of the audience. This video despite challenges does a great job holding a person's attention all the way through.

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