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What can Ad-splanation do for you? Here are five ways that having an explainer video on your website can help to convert viewers to customers.


1. Capture the attention of your audience:

People are reading less. Today, people need a good reason to read content on a website. They need to know that it will be worth their time. An Ad-splanation hooks their interest and explains enough to ensure that they will stick around to read the details.


2. Advance the professional look of your business:

Every major online business uses explainer videos to introduce new ideas and services to their customer base. They have become the norm for professional online businesses. Having an Ad-splanation tells your customer that you are on the cutting edge of professionalism.


3. Get your message out there:

With an Ad-splanation you are able to present your idea, service, or business to a much wider audience. Some of the larger social media sites are based around video. Posts on text based social media sites have a much larger click rate if the text accompanies an image or video.


4. Give your audience an initial emotionally positive experience:

Consumers have more walls up now than ever before. we have all been sold something that wound up blowing up in our faces. An Ad-splanation uses simple animation and humor to help the message get past some of those walls. If you can make a viewer smile or laugh while watching your video they will be much more willing to make the conversion to customer.


5. Be ready for the next generation of consumers:

5 Ways Explainer Videos Can Help Your Business

5 Ways Explainer Videos Can Help Your Business


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